Sunday, 4 October 2015

Our individual futures and the ladder of our dreams.

Our individual futures are an evolving creation,
potentially a full projection of our dreams….
though if we decline to dream at all, or dream weakly,
we then leave our personal futures to the mercy of others,
whose dreams may be detrimental or even calamitous to us,
as unfortunately, it is not the most wonderful which prevail
but the strongest and toughest dreams which come to fruition.
To ensure that our personal dreams come true,
we must first invest them with intention, sincerity and honesty.
Our own personal dreams need not be likely, or even probable,
but they must be POSSIBLE, within the confines of natural laws.
Dreams that extend outside the perimeters of natural law
have a name, they are called FANTASIES.
If someone forces a fantasy to assume the form of a dream,
then it can only precipitate a negative end for themself and others involved.
When we dream, and dream with all our heart, much becomes possible.
When we refuse to dream, the dreams of others subsume our futures.
The process of atrophy governs the fact that unless we exercise the
projection of our dreams we will never escape our past or our limitations,
and our imaginations will wither and our dreams evaporate.
The only reliable ladder we have available to us is one built of dreams and love.


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